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For users who  have massive internal and external calls, using different ringtones will help them easily distinguish the internal or external calls. Thus, provide first time reaction to distinctive callers. Here are the original words from  customer: 

“How do I make the phones have a different ring tone for calls coming from  inside the pbx vs calls coming from  outside numbers?”






Solution1: this request can be implemented by distinctive ringtone feature on Yealink phones. About how  to configure distinctive ringtone, please refer to our Administrator Guide  from  page 151-155:



Take T46 as an example:


Yealink SIP-T2 Series T4 Series T5 Series CP920 IP Phones Administrator Guide V85.1.pdf


Please note that Distinctive Ringtone should be supported by your  server. Please ask your administrator for advice first.



Solution 2:


If distinctive ringtone is not supported by your server or it is too hard to configure, please refer to solution 2. 

It is different from  distinctive ringtone but applied to this scenario only. See below:


1. Add a contact group for internal extension numbers and setup a ringtone for it.


2. For other numbers from  outside use  the default ringtone. See below solution:


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