Q: Can I download contacts and transfer to a GXP2130? How do you do it?

A: You should be able to import an XML phone book to the phone. In the web interface of the phone, go to Phone Book- > Phone Book Management and use the upload button to send an XML phone book to the phone. You can also have it download a phone book from an http server.

Q: What is the Web interface? When I go to contacts on the phone and click download, phone will start to download new XML file but nothing happens. I am still missing something.

A: Be sure you are using the web interface of the phone, which can be reached by typing the IP of the phone into a web browser. The user and password are admin and admin respectively. You can then follow the directions mentioned above. You will need to generate a XML file which can be done with the universal phone book editor.

Universal Phonebook Editor is the latest software from Grandstream to help users manage their Phonebook better. The phonebook has many functions. Users can add contacts by clicking on the import button and also save the phonebook by using the export button. Users can also add a new phonebook, batch add contacts and groups, and move contacts into different groups. The phonebook can be also be uploaded to the phone through Httpd. The Universal Phonebook Editor is a convenient, compact and powerful tool.