To wipe:

Please follow the instructions below to reset the phone: 

Press MENU button to bring up the keypad configuration menu; 

Select "Config" and enter; 

Select "Factory Reset"; 

A warning window will pop out to make sure a reset is requested and confirmed; 

Press the "OK" softkey to confirm and the phone will reboot..

Then to configure it:

  1. Power up the GXP Phone(s) - Plug in the Network Cable

  2. Open a web browser and type in the IP Address displayed on the phone

  3. Password is admin all lowercase

  4. Select Settings Tab

    4.1. Advanced Settings
    4.2. Firmware Upgrade and Provisioning
    4.3. Upgrade Via HTTP
    4.4. Config Server Path<pbxcontext> (you will need to get this from HopDial support)

  5. Scroll to the bottom and click Update

    5.1. Then click Reboot

  6. At this point the GXP Phone will go and get its configuration file

  7. When the GXP Phone comes back up it will look for the xml file then reboot again. This takes approximately 3-­‐4 minutes.